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"A mature yet still challenging album from a British bluesman who has paid his dues and deserves to be in the forefront of the British blues scene. Others may offer their version of the blues, Todd Sharpville gives you the real thing."
John Clarke - The Independent (UK National Broadsheet)

"Todd's wracked, emotional vocals reveal that he has indeed lived the pain he writes about so eloquently." "at a time when many contemporary blues albums could be charitably described as bland, Todd demonstrates the strengths and depths of the music." "the careful listener will find that the tracks betray influences of Freddy King, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, George Smith, and T-Bone Walker – but Todd has absorbed them all and creates his own modern blues style, rather than simply recycling." "Yes, I'm impressed – this could well be my album of the year."
Norman Darwen - Blues In Britain

"Just around the time you look back to assess the best Blues releases of 2010, up pops another one to make you reconsider" "there is plenty of light and shade to produce a deep and rich collection of soul-tinged blues". "This is a superbly assured release, producer Robillard has helped bring the best out of Sharpville. Yet regardless of the guest contributions, Sharpville's compositions are inspired and insightful, his guitar playing measured and mature; and his vocals superbly suited to this style of music." "Sharpville stands with Ian Siegal and James Hunter as one of the most naturally suited Bluesmen to emerge from the UK in many years."
Duncan Beattie - Blues Matters - Issue 58

"Bouncy bar-room fare" "polishes it up with a whip-cracking guitar tone & a pleasantly throaty vocal"
Henry Yates - Classic Rock (magazine)

"Proof that "aristocratic bluesman" doesn't have to be an oxymoron! "A versatile guitarist & singer" "Full of impish delight""
Roger Gatchet - Living Blues

"A musically gripping and ultimately uplifting experience, which is somewhat of a paradox considering the amount of personal struggle behind Sharpville's fifteen original songs." "Blessed with exceptional talent as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist"
Vincent Abbate - Blues Revue

"These performances represent a man's struggles to deal with his personal demons – which is what the blues is all about. Sharpville is still standing, having created this musical testimonial to his indomitable spirit and exceptional talent. Available on-line at the price of a single disc, this one is definitely recommended."
Mark Thompson - Crossroads Blues Society - March/April 2011

"Of course, anyone can pick up a guitar and profess to play the blues, but in Sharpville's case, he's very much been accepted by the highest echelons of bluesmen as being one of the very best at what he does. It is clear a privileged background certainly didn't earn him his blues stripes, though his life events of the last few years may well have added considerably to his maturity as an artist. For Sharpville, playing the blues is based on the following credo: "When I was a kid I used to play to impress. Nowadays, I only play to express. My happiness depends upon it." Do you want to check out Todd Sharpville and Porchlight? You should! "
Amy Sciarretto - Artist Direct

"It's a cliché, but this record is a double slab of proof that great art grows from misery. A British royal that was mentored as a teenager by Joe Louis Walker into an award winning blues guitarist, this record is the document of a complete breakdown and reintegration of a personality and a life. A two record ride through the heart of darkness that would be a lot scarier if he didn't have pals like Duke Robillard, Joe Louis Walker and Kim Wilson hanging around, it's as raw as any of the early Chess sides recorded during the northern migration and it's way beyond shoe gaze whining. Light years past '70s singer/ songwriter stuff that pinged with you when it covered tales of hardship, this is a set that's out of step with these narcissistic times and it really cuts to the quick. If you are up for a personal, wild ride, strap your self in and get on board. This starts where Kurt Cobain left off, y'dig? Hot stuff."

"Sharpville's vocals are raw, ragged, and heartfelt, and you'll understand why he earned that "Best Guitarist" award." "Hopefully, Todd Sharpville has his personal life back where he wants it and can achieve the level of popularity and recognition that he deserves. He's set the bar pretty high with Porchlight, as real a blues album as you will hear this year."
Graham Clarke - Blues Bytes

"Aside from his poetic artistry, Todd is a masterful guitar player" "In "Porchlight" Todd pours his life experience back into his music. Lyrics that are blatantly honest; they ooze emotions that were born from his deep and personal suffering." "Overall, I enjoy Todd's powerfully emotional and unhampered style. Todd plays to express & understands the therapeutic nature of vocalizing his anguish through his music. Porchlight is so inspirational, it just might facilitate some soul cleansing of your own.
Alt Sounds

"His guitar is not over the top, however one listen and you can hear it. His guitar is played with restraint and taste. Blues great Hubert Sumlin calls Todd "the best British player I've heard since Peter Green." Sharpville delivers blues you can feel, blues people can relate too, his blues are real. His talents express his feelings and it shines through his music."
Mike Spain - Yahoo Associated Content

"There is a tremendous pedigree to Todd's work. Although there are many historical Blues trappings, this album is not a museum piece and is forward thinking" "These tracks are polished, from the Clapton School of the Blues, lyrically very strong" "Todd does soulful Blues with aplomb" "A tremendously eclectic double album"

Chris Phillips - BrFM

"Porchlight is addictive right from the outset" "Remarkable album" "Heavenly blues guitar" "Fine blue blooded blues that makes essential listening as it probably resembles little that you currently have in your record collection and once heard proves simply irresistible!"
Blues Connections

"One of the best blues performers I've heard in a while is Todd Sharpville, and his "Porchlight" is a beacon to all those practicing their skills and hoping to put out their own work some day." "Sharpville may be music's next crossover star, both working with other greats and taking top billing on blues festivals throughout the summer" "Has every bit the force and feeling of Stevie Ray Vaughan's best from his heyday." "It is hard to tell when a performer will be a star. All too often, the best in music don't get the breaks that lead to widespread success. It is, however, remarkably easy to spot brilliance in any art form. Get on down to your local independent music store, and add "Porchlight" to your better music collection. Todd Sharpville just might be on his way to the top."
Christopher Llewellyn Adams - Cashbox Magazine

"A significant talent!" "A terrific recording full of personality and compelling performances."
In A Blue Mood

"What could he possibly know about the blues? The answer is everything!" "Listening to this is TRULY an event you won't want to miss! This will get a vote from me as one of the best blues releases this year and this will also earn a 5 bluestar rating from the American Blues Scene. I strongly recommend adding this to your music collection."
Glen Casebeer - American Blues Scene

"Porchlight taught me" "There's a well-rounded, interesting personality to be found on this record. Shaprville often writes from a place of hurt, pain, and disillusionment but sometimes approaches those feelings and the events that led to them with an anarchist's wiseass sense of humor." "American Idol or Britain's Got Talent (if we want to be geographically correct) have taught us you can find great singers on any corner on any given day but not just anyone can give birth to a spark. Sharpville does that with his voice and ability to get inside his own songs." "A charismatic talent who can, and often does, straight burn with pure fire in his soul."
Josh Hathaway - Blinded By Sound

"Sharpville is a beloved blues hero in England" "Screeching on vocals and guitar in a manner that recalls Johnny Winter" "Sharpville's guitar work is impressive but not overly indulgent"
Kevin Wierzbicki - Anti Music

"Porchlight is without doubt one of the absolute best albums of 2010. This is an artist who is on the verge of breaking out big time and this just may be the effort that puts him in the spotlight. Strong musicianship, outstanding vocals and heartfelt emotions place this recording in the must buy category. It's a stunning release. Sometimes adversity and pain have a place in one's fate. Todd Sharpville has expressed his here in the utmost expression. Very highly recommended!"
Greg Johnson - Cascade Blues Association

"Hot licks, heartfelt singing and exceptional songwriting — look out, North America!"
Peter Hund - Good New Music

"Biting guitar work and Sharpville's pain anguished lyrics really get the point across. He has a gritty soulful voice that serves his music well." "For most blues rock fans Porchlight should be right up your alley." "There is no denying the man has talent and plenty of soul. This is music played from the heart and in the end that's what matters most."
John Neudorf - Sea Of Tranquility

"It's clear that Sharpville has put all his devils behind him and come up with an outstanding record that, had it not slipped the 2010 net, would have been one of my top picks for the whole year. Stunning stuff. World class musicians at the top of their game. 5/5"
Pete Evans - Blues In The Northwest

"For those already in the know, this two-CD set is a reminder of just how great this former "Best U.K. Guitarist" (1995) can be when on top of his game; he is a world class blues guitarist with chops that call to mind the late Stevie Ray Vaughan and vocals that can be compared to Vaughan's brother, Jimmie."
Fred Adams - Honest Tune

"The recording serves well to showcase his considerable abilities as a songwriter,vocalist and musician" "Porchlight contains 15 strong performances that show Todd Sharpville to be a strong talent. His music is thoughtful, but full of emotion and producer Robillard has surrounded him with strong backing resulting in a terrific recording full of personality and compelling performances."
Ron Weinstock - Jazz & Blues Report


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"One of the classiest albums of the year"  - "Todd's firing on all cylinders" - "home-grown guitar star" – The Times (UK Broadsheet)

"One of our best blues guitarists to date" – Mojo (UK) 

"There are few finer guitarists in the UK than Todd Sharpville" – "quality stuff indeed!" - Juke 

"If you're a foreign blues fan visiting our capital, don't go home without seeing Todd play..." – Time Out

"A serious bluesman" – NME

"He easily stands on a par with the likes of Eric Clapton" – " An infernal mixture of blues, jazz & soul with plenty of steam which drives & simmers; a true joy of an album" – Medien Info 

"His playing is great" – "A well assembled, beautifully played collection of blues" – Guitarist Magazine

"Todd Sharpville represents one of our most exciting & classy exports" - "Soul, taste, energy & power, he has it all!" - "Todd is a true bluesman!" - "a CD with timeless & magical appeal" – Blues In Britain                                                                   
"Sharpville is a real star on the British blues scene" - "Sharpville's guitar playing is always superb" - "Great Songs & fine playing throughout" - Blues & Rhythm


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